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“Golden Bilişim” is a company operating in Ostim University Technopark, which develops special software products for numerous sectors, above all educational institutions.

The software developed by “Golden Bilişim” can be used in all educational institutions from kindergartens to universities. Our software, which includes many modules, can also be customized by educational institutions themselves.

“Golden Bilişim” has developed these programs with the aim of following daily education and activities in educational institutions by school administrators, teachers and families, and accessing aged data directly. In addition, institutions can archive these data and access them whenever they want.

You can download our applications to all Android and IOS devices, or access them via computers connected to the internet.

The programs have the competencies to respond to the needs of all educational institutions. Furthermore, while developing our programs, we continue to work for more advanced modules and innovative interfaces every day, not with the logic of "this is enough", but with “how it can be better”. We continue to develop these studies under the motto "Always better" with expert educators and sociologists who assist us in R&D.

Our applications are protected by SSL security certificate as in banks. Internet broadcasting is encrypted with 2 over 128 bits and transmits information to its users safely.