• E-Kid includes a real-time messaging software. Thus, you can send messages to all parents, parents of a single class or any individual parent.
  • E-Kid offers your school a security-based social networking service. You can share photos and videos of students on the social network and also make live broadcasts.
  • You can share your posts with all students, or a class that you will specify, or with any individual student.
  • With E-Kid, you can publish your announcements, send all your files with Word, Excel, PDF extensions to the parents, and create surveys if you wish.
  • E-Kid easily incorporates the student information such as sleep, food, morale level, medication status during the day. It saves you time and paper costs.
  • The E-Kid management module includes the tools that will allow you to control the school's accounting information through a simple interface.



  • “E-Kid teacher module", which is created using the most modern resources of the software technology, is the greatest assistant of our teachers in all their works…
  • E-Kid prevents your teachers from spending too much time for filling the books and stationery and allows you to evaluate exam results more efficiently.
  • E-Kid provides our teachers with tools that will quickly and practically deliver videos and photos of social events to families and increase family satisfaction.
  • E-Kid teacher module also offers many resources for our teachers, such as making announcements, file sharing, survey module, contribution to values education, etc.



  • With E-Kid, parents are now informed about every moment of their children.
  • E-Kid offers parents a secure social network support where they can see the photos and videos of their children at school. Our parents can even watch the activities organized at the school live.
  • With its convenient interface, E-Kid allows our parents to communicate with branch and classroom teachers without the need for a different messaging software.
  • Through the parent module of E-Kid, our parents are informed about their child's nutrition, sleep, medication and emotional state with the end-of-day evaluations filled out by the teachers.
  • E-Kid parent module opens the door to healthy communication between the school and the family.


E-Kid is an application prepared for the kindergartens and daycares by Golden Yazılım and it provides communication between the administration, teachers and parents, and can run on Android, iOS and the WEB.


With E-Kid, you can send mass and individual messages, make instant announcements, send students' daily report cards, share photos, and allow parents watch your events as live streams.


With a modern interface, E-Kid has the infrastructure to make all the work related to your organization easier. With E-Kid, you can keep the records of your organization's accounting and take advantage of many elaborately designed features of the software.